Babri Mazid Demolition Still Awaits a Decision – Some Cases are Forever

By at 25 November, 2009, 8:55 pm

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Justice delayed is justice denied“, is an old maxim which has still not turned into a cliche. Indian Legal System  incorporates rights of both the accused as well as the victims, but unfortunately this liberal approach comes with heavy penalties. Most of the times in order to do complete justice no justice is done at all. The victims are left on the mercy of the system.

A massacre or riot  gives birth to a commission which is headed by eminent judges. The commission is given directions to present a report at the earliest but since the time is not specified even a span of 17 years may not be enough for it. The Liberhan report is evident example of the same. The demolition of Babri Mazid took place in 1992 but the report was handed over in 2009. This is nothing but a mockery of the Indian Legal System.

The findings of the Liberhan Commission have indicated that senior BJP leaders like L.K. Advani, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Murli Manohar Joshi were one of the prime promoters in the demolition of the Mazid. Any prudent person can understand that if the commission took 17 years to indicate the names of the culprits involved, it might just take another 25 years for our judiciary to hold them liable.

Since those who are being mentioned in the report belong to the opposition, the defence of fabrication is always available to them. Even the ruling party would not like to lose its Hindu votes while delivering  justice to the minorities.

Babri Mazid is a forgotten past for many people. Some of them never bothered and others believe that justice to some may result in subsequent injustice of riots to others.

In India there is unity in diversity and I am convinced that most of Indians have secular ideologies. The politicians however have always infuriated the communal sentiments. Take for example if a Leader of a political party is hanged for creating communal havoc, it would not effect me in any way but if he is portrayed as a religious leader who is sacrificing his life for rest of the Hindus, I might sympathize with him.

The reason why the report took so long was because of popular public sympathy with these leaders. The controversy invoved high profile leaders and taking any stand against them could have infuriated the people easily. The people believed that they selflessly risked their careers for hinduism but  I am pretty sure that everyone of us would have been more proud if they would have risked their lives for the nation.

Our nation would be purely secular only when notions of Hindustan will surpass the notion of Hinduism. We will be true Hindustani then and not just Hindus. We should look for  the leaders who don’t preach rights for majority or minority but those who preach for the Rights of Indians. I’m sure it would never result in riots but harmony, peace and progress instead.

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