Legal Drift does it again!!!

There is a good news for ours readers. Recently Legaldrift won accolades in a blogging competition organized by legallyindia. The prize money Rs.10,000 would be invested in the upgradation of Legal Drift.

Two of our posts “Selling their bodies killing their souls: Plight of widows in Vrindavan and Mathura” and “Insight to Bhopal Gas Tragedy: A case lost before trial” recieved honourable mentions by the judges.

“Legaldrift’s entry Selling their bodies killing their souls: Plight of widows in Vrindavan and Mathura I thought again was very strong on the originality front, picking an issue that is not at the top of most people’s minds. This epitomises social blogging, in my opinion. It could have been the top post for me if it had contained more references and sourcing – occasionally I did not know where some of the facts or figures came from or if they were correct.” “Legaldrift’s blog I found to be the most consistent and challenging, although I (and others) may not always have agreed with her views. A firebrand of the old school, I was amazed by her width of topics and the fervour with which she approached them. Legaldrift was not afraid to take a stand on whatever issue was on the her plate and never hid behind often legal opinions couched in qualifications. Also her posts all appeared to have been thoroughly researched.”– Kian Ganz, founder and editor of legally India.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the support of our readers. I would like to thank everyone who have been a part of legal drift in any way especially to those who encouraged the launch of this venture. They have always been besides me in all my personal and professional endevours.

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Legal Drift Acknowledged by a Contemporary Scholar in the Yearbook of International Law

I have a good news today to share with my readers.

I recently got credited for my research assistance in Prof Prabahkar’s paper published in the inaugural issue of the Indian Yearbook of International Law & Policy. He has also cited one of his comments on Legal Drift in the References of his paper.

The Yearbook is new peer-reviewed academic publication in the field of international law. The Yearbook seeks to provide an intellectual platform for the discussion and dissemination of Indian and international views and practices on contemporary international legal issues.


About Prof Prabhakar Professor Prabhakar Singh is a young name in the field of international legal scholarship and the Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL). He is an alumni of NLIU, Bhopal and now working as Assistant Professor at the JGLS. He obtained his LLM in International Economic Law and Policy (IELPO) from the University de Barcelona, Spain. He has published more than 17 journal articles in leading international law journals and books worldwide.

Prof Singh has been a mentor and I truly admire his humility and honesty.

You can read more about Prof Prabakhar Singh here –

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Legal Drift welcomes Wazhma Frogh

Hillary Clinton And Michelle Obama Announce Int'l Women of Courage Award(Wazhma Frogh) Hillary Clinton And Michelle Obama Announce Int’l Women of Courage Award(Wazhma Frogh)

Wazhma Frogh needs no introduction. She has been awarded 2009 US State Department’s International Women of Courage Award by Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Wazhma is presently pursuing her masters in international development law and human rights at Warwick University, U.K. She writes on her blog – and has written for newspapers, including the Washington Post and The Guardian.

She has made difference in lives of many. Her work has been recognized worldwide.  She   has   devoted   the   last   decade  of  her  life  to  mobilization  for  social  change  to  benefit  women’s  rights  in  Afghanistan,  focusing  on  such  issues  as  women  and  security,  legislative  reform  including  the  recent  Elimination  of  Violence  a participation.

She  is  a  leading  expert  on  the  issues  of  gender-based  violence  and  has  worked  tirelessly  on  the  elimination  of  violence  against  women  in  Afghanistan.    Frogh  started  her  career  at  the  age  of  17,  working  with  the  most  vulnerable  women  and  children  in  refugee  camps  in  Peshawar,  Pakistan,  bringing  the  voices  of  the  camps  to  the  national  and  international  arenas  though  her  media  reporting.

Later   on,   she   stepped   into   women   empowerment   through   community-based   approaches,   and mobilized   women’s   development   projects   during   the   Taliban   regime.   While   these   efforts   were organized   in   Peshawar,   Pakistan,   Frogh   traveled frequently   back   to   Afghanistan’s   most   insecure provinces  to  carry  out  her  work.

She has also been associated with development projects with the UN and international organizations. She  has  also participated  in  the  Women  and  Public  Policy  Program  at  Harvard  University  and  the  Law  and  Leadership  Program  at  George  Washington  University,  both  in  the  United  States.

A  frequent  representative  and  spokesperson  to  the  regional  and  international  arenas,  Ms.  Frogh  is  an  outspoken   advocate   on   improving   women’s   participation   in   the   peace   processes   and   conflict  resolution  mechanisms  in  Afghanistan  and  recently  has  been  selected  to  participate  in  a  series  of  regional  peace  dialogues  between  Afghan  and  Pakistan  women  to  discuss  common  areas  of  concern  and  activism  for  regional  security  and  stability.

It is an honor to be associated with Wazhma. She would contribute to legal drift whenever possible. Her posts would help our readers to understand the socio-legal situations in Afghanistan.

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What Makes Different?

India EmblemA drift is a movement or force that makes something move along. Law itself signifies change , movement and evolution. It is a force that can compel people to sacrifice their beliefs and dogmas. Law shapes the opinion of masses in due course of time.  Law has the capability to alter the notions of people and this legal force is the inspiration of our site “Legal Drift”.

But what can change law?

Ideas and new thoughts have and will always change the law. Legal Thinking can bring revolutions not only in the legal system but in the society as well.

Thoughts have resulted in the rejection of Sati and acceptance of widow remarriage. Thoughts have encouraged homosexuals to fight for themselves. Thoughts have given women the strength to condemn marital rape. In short, thoughts have and always will shape the legal history. This site is an effort to bring some analytical thoughts regarding the current legal and social scenario.

Analyzing every news, happening and occurrence from the legal point of view is the genesis of this site. Principles of justice and law are seen everywhere. Notions of justice prevail from the streets to the zenith , from fables to reality and from children to adults.

Justice is desired by all irrespective of their connection with the legal field. Law is just a medium to fulfill this desire officially. “Law not only for the lawyers but also for the Laymen” is our policy and commitment.

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