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I still remember my road trips from Jaipur to Delhi on weekends. My mother had to pack food everytime as there was no restaurant on the entire route. Now things have changed. NH8 has a number of malls and food chains including MC Donalds and CCD. These restaurants leisurely replaced the farm lands on the highway.

This depicts the plight of farmers more than anything else. The farmers near Delhi have an opportunity to sell their lands instead of killing themselves. But all Indian farmers are not that fortunate.

Aamir Khan’s Peepli more Read More

Emotional Atyachar – Can a Reality show really affect your beliefs in Relationships ?

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Emotional Atyachar - Reality TV Show on UTV BindassThe Theme of the Show:

The television show “Emotional Atyachar” aired on UTV Bindass, examines the presence of fidelity in affine relationships. A person (referred to as lead) gives the information about a suspected cheater. The suspected cheater is the targeted by the crew of the show emotional atyachar. The sting operation is carried out for a period of three consecutive days. The suspect is usually introduced to a good looking undercover agent. The agent more Read More

Mumbai is a Metropolitan, Not a Religious Playground for Politicians – Pakistan IPL Players Controversy and Shah Rukh Khan Comments

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My Name Is Khan - Press Conference

Shah Rukh Khan’s support to the Pakistani players in IPL bidding made him face a lot of trouble. He was not only threatened but also targeted by the Shiv Sena. He was alleged to be a traitor and was dared to speak in favour of Pakistani players in future. He stood up for his beliefs and refused to apologize. Fortunately people from Bollywood and elsewhere have now started recognizing their right to speech.

When Shiv Sena recommended Shah Rukh to live in Pakistan instead, this infuriated not only more Read More

Madhur Bhandarkar – The Director Who Showed Us Reality May Now See The Reality Himself

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Bollywood ScandalsOn 11 November 2009,  came a shocking decision for Mr Madhur Bhandarkar when a Mumbai Court convicted him for rape of Miss Preeti Jain. She alleged that she had sexual relations with the director. She was subjected to forced sex whenever she refused to do it consensually.

The credentials of the model turned actor Preet Jain are also doubtful. She had put similar allegations on composer. Moreover she was sent to jail for conspiring murder of Mr Bhandarkar.

This sexual scandal is connected with power and position rather than love and more Read More