Indian Police – An Overview on Reforms Happening in the current system

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Antarctica is a continent yet not a country. There is land but no citizens. It is the people who transform a piece of earth in to a motherland. Thus it is the citizens who can make a country worth living. There are many countries which have flourished in spite of antagonistic climatic conditions on the other hand countries which are self sufficient in themselves have faced numerous economic difficulties. I believe that citizens play an important role in the development of a country. They can build or destroy a nation’s future.

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Emotional Atyachar – Can a Reality show really affect your beliefs in Relationships ?

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Emotional Atyachar - Reality TV Show on UTV BindassThe Theme of the Show:

The television show “Emotional Atyachar” aired on UTV Bindass, examines the presence of fidelity in affine relationships. A person (referred to as lead) gives the information about a suspected cheater. The suspected cheater is the targeted by the crew of the show emotional atyachar. The sting operation is carried out for a period of three consecutive days. The suspect is usually introduced to a good looking undercover agent. The agent ...read more Read More