Should Terrorists Like Ajmal Kasab Allowed to Fight for their Fundamental Rights

By at 26 November, 2009, 7:56 pm

Ajmal Kasab - The Only Alive Caught Terrorist for Mumbai Attacks 26 November

Ajmal Kasab - The Only Alive Caught Terrorist for Mumbai Attacks 26 November

26 November the law day of the country can no longer be celebrated in its true spirit. Last year on this day the nation witnessed some horrifying events.

The terrorist targeted the finance capital of the country Mumbai.

There were  Eight  attacks in  South Mumbai: at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident, The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital, the Orthodox Jewish-owned Nariman House, the Metro Cinema, and a lane behind the Times of India building and St. Xavier’s College. There was also an explosion at Mazagaon, in Mumbai’s port area, and in a taxi at Vile Parle.

Everyone is aware of these facts but we still know little about the reality. What happened in Mumbai was an unfortunate incident but what can happen is even more dangerous. It has been a year but the victims have not got any substantial resort to their miseries.

There are Human Rights Commissions who are fighting for the rights of Ajmal Kasab, the only terrorist who was caught alive. They believe that he should not be awarded with capital punishment because it would be against the principles of human rights. But unfortunately in their benevolent approach they forget that criminals like Kasab never considered their victims as humans. The victims were the toys used and shattered by the players (terrorists) in the destructible game of terrorism. They never bothered to even remotely consider the interests of their victims. They have and always will fight for land. But what about the people that live on that land? Shall they be considered mere ants in this disgusting fight of terror and peace.

Terrorist have always taken advantage of our democratic setup. In a democracy everyone has a voice, even a terrorist. Those are alien to our nation get the privilege to destroy it because of our laid back approach. We light candles, wear black bands and write blogs but how many of us would constantly work against terrorism. May be only a few.

Terrorism a disease caused by the parasitic monsters called terrorist. I agree that the motive of criminal jurisprudence is to punish the act and not the actor. But sometimes law has to act retributively to ensure the faith of masses. In this process the innocent are sometimes framed and victimized but this defect of the system can be cured by appropriate legislation and scrutiny.

In the above case of Kasab it is proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was involved in the attacks.  Therefore he should not be given any benefit of doubt. Human rights are for humans there is alot of difference between MANAV ADHIKAR AND DANAV ADHIKAR. We cannot let criminals take advantage of our gracious legal system

On 26 November, the law day of the country, we should pledge to make our legal system strong so that people like Kasab, Manu Sharma, Sanjeev Nanda or Santosh Kumar Singh can not take advantage of it. If all criminals are acquitted then every other man in the street would resort to Kangaroo Justice.

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