Are we prepared to deal with another Bhopal Gas Tragedy? With Civil Nuclear Liabilities Bill its hard to imagine

By at 25 March, 2010, 7:31 pm

The victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, one of the world’s worst disasters are still facing the consequences of the unfortunate incident. The legal framework in 1985 was inadequate to conduct a fair trial of Union Carbide and its CEO Warren Anderson. The U.C.C paid a settlement amount of 470 million dollars to the victims, considering it as its moral obligation. No criminal or civil proceedings were initiated against the notorious Multinational Union Carbide. The decision of Bhopal Gas Tragedy still considered a black chapter in the judicial history of India.

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Being in Bhopal, How Can I Forget This Day – A Gas Tragedy That Ruined Lives

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Bhopal Twenty Five Years On From Union Carbide Disaster

Midnight 2-3 December changed lives of the thousands of people living in Bhopal. One of the most prosperous industrial cities was changed into a graveyard.

The gross negligence of Union Carbide lead to one of the biggest industrial disaster throughout the world. Methyl Isocynade and other toxins released from the disaster resulted in around 20,00o deaths. The official figures have never revealed the real estimates. OFFICIALLY the disaster was not of that greater magnitude as presupposed by the victims or more Read More