What Makes LegalDrift.com Different?

By at 10 November, 2009, 5:11 am

India EmblemA drift is a movement or force that makes something move along. Law itself signifies change , movement and evolution. It is a force that can compel people to sacrifice their beliefs and dogmas. Law shapes the opinion of masses in due course of time.  Law has the capability to alter the notions of people and this legal force is the inspiration of our site “Legal Drift”.

But what can change law?

Ideas and new thoughts have and will always change the law. Legal Thinking can bring revolutions not only in the legal system but in the society as well.

Thoughts have resulted in the rejection of Sati and acceptance of widow remarriage. Thoughts have encouraged homosexuals to fight for themselves. Thoughts have given women the strength to condemn marital rape. In short, thoughts have and always will shape the legal history. This site is an effort to bring some analytical thoughts regarding the current legal and social scenario.

Analyzing every news, happening and occurrence from the legal point of view is the genesis of this site. Principles of justice and law are seen everywhere. Notions of justice prevail from the streets to the zenith , from fables to reality and from children to adults.

Justice is desired by all irrespective of their connection with the legal field. Law is just a medium to fulfill this desire officially. “Law not only for the lawyers but also for the Laymen” is our policy and commitment.

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