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Meghna Agarwal

Meghna Agarwal

Meghna Agarwal born and brought up in Jaipur, moved to Bhopal for pursuing her B.A. LLB course at National Law Institute University; She utilizes most of her time in writing articles on Legal Drift. She is interested in studying on legal issues and its impact on society and common man.

Her areas of interests include legal writing and social issues. LegalDrift.com was started by her to bring some analytical thoughts regarding the current legal and social scenario !!

Prominent Guest Authors

Wazhma Frogh

Wazhma Frogh, is a Chevening Scholar, MA/LLM, International Development Law and Human Rights from Warwick University, UK. She is a world acclaimed Civil Society Activist and works for the upliftment of women and children in Afghanistan. Wazhma has been kind to post two articles on LegalDrift, We greatly acknowledge her contribution.

Debotttam Bose Esq. January 31, 2010

Very impressive, this website needs to be projected in a way that more people are aware of this resource and knowledge and access this site in a more interactive way.

meghna January 31, 2010

thnks Debottam.. I’ll definitely try to live up to your expectations..

Nivedita February 12, 2010

I love all the technical stuff..simply amazing! ;)

meghna February 12, 2010

thanks a million.. I’ll convey your comment to the concerned person..

Sanchit Singh February 14, 2010

Great work Meghna… And I second Nivedita… :-)

meghna February 14, 2010

Thanks a ton Sanchit…

Pukhraj Mittal March 7, 2010

‘Wife swapping’ makes an interesting reading. Very good effort. Keep it up.
In most cases, if a comparison is made with English Law, it will hone your argument and can make your suggestion more effective.

meghna March 7, 2010

Thanks alot.. I would surely keep this suggestion in mind in future.

Bikash Bansal March 18, 2010

Read a couple of articles. Good work. Keep going!!!

meghna March 18, 2010

thanks Bikash.. Your comments mean a lot to me….

Wazhma Frogh March 26, 2010

Meghna, Congratulations for such an initiative….as you made me part of it, it will make me write articles …something which i am not very good at it but will try to fulfil the responsibility a bet.

Another suggestion I have after reading your interesting articles is that while doing critical analysis of legal doctrines at the national and international levels, do not forget to relate to your customary laws and norms- they are not always oppressive or violating human rights – however bigger questions need to be while looking at any English or non English law is about its legal thinking and legal theory, which is not very common while we study law. I was looking at the Convention against Torture and degrading inhumane treatment – and something came up in my mind that what is it that a flogging of women in a ‘third world’ is a torture and human rights violation but we dont name water boards, interrogation techniques as torture and inhumane treatment at even civil jails in the most ‘developed countries’.

meghna March 26, 2010

Thanks mam… It is more than an honor to be associated with you. I’ ll surely keep your suggestions in mind but in India customary laws usually govern some areas related to Family laws etc. But if I get any information with regard to customary laws in the country, I would surely incorporate the same.

You have rightly pointed out that all customary laws are not oppressive like in certain communities of India, a marriage between a widow and her brother in law is permitted. The main reason for this is that it ensures protection for women in the society.

Ramanuj April 4, 2010

Hi Meghna,

brilliant stuff here. I really like the way you chose your topics, and you are a good writer.

Would like to talk to you sometimes about your blog.

meghna April 5, 2010

Thank you so much.. I would be more than happy to interact with you about the blog… It is a pleasure being associated with you…

Anshul Tewari May 1, 2010

Great going guys!

sreenivas May 4, 2010

Great efforts meghana,
such a blog was the need of todays world. the articles are very good .. keep going.. all the best to u

meghna May 5, 2010

thanks sreenivas… really touched :)

meghna May 12, 2010

thanks Anshul.. for all the encouragement..

Asmita May 17, 2010

Hi Meghana,

must say , you are a excellent writer. I am not a big fan of articles on social issues but I like the way you have put across different issues.

Good luck

meghna May 17, 2010

Thanks Asmita.. I’m truly obliged..

dock24 June 8, 2010

Hi ,it is so weird that a entire family who knew all about a women and her daughter but gave the wrong impression to her in that way that any person can judge and accept as true the intention was so dangerous that till now that women who had not a soul next to her excluding her daughter is in mental trauma and terror of the threats and she was the only earning person and was looking after her daughter and the family was only with her for there own desires and took good advantage by giving her false promises of marriage and familiarizing each person as his other half and daughter as his own and concerning to marriage until the end the excuses were his career as he wasn’t satisfied with the job and was changing it frequently as he gets satisfying and stable job with good wages he without delay would marry her so that he can take care of both mother and daughter and he never wanted his future wife to work as she was a working women and entire family took her in confidence this carried on till 3years.

The guy used her mentally, physically and the main purpose was financially. Now when the purpose got solved the entire family dragged her out from there house and was embarrassed to recognize her women was out of breath watching this behaviour and she got case registered as rape. The guy in behind the bar from last 3months but she says when she has all the evidence to prove he promised her for marriage and she had been getting threats from the family so why the law lord of Delhi high court is taking favour of the accused and why is he called as innocent in the courtyard when giving the proof of there threats why release the guy and for what ?that is a big torture for her when she is asking for protection till her statement gets recorded in the courtyard why law lord is pointing him as innocent.

Why the law lord cannot wait? Why is he ignoring the things? Why is he feeling sorry for the guy? Why is he not paying attention towards the women victim what she wants to say? And why is he not taking her words seriously? And sitting ready to grant bail.

This can put her and her daughter in danger. She is listening to the abusive words and getting insulted every second in the court room from the accused defender and honourable judge showing sympathy towards the accused, you all have no idea what that women must be going through this is not justified every 2nd day the date is extended so that itself it a torture and then she is disrespected and so much, and in mental trauma, again the date got extended for one day, Is this case to give her more pain and make her suffer more.

If Law lord will show sympathy in favour of accused what will victim go through? Putting mother and daughter life on risk the accused will be granted bail just because he is been punished enough as he is in the jail from last 3months Is he comparing 3months with her 3years . For entire family 3years were a purpose to misuse her and now ashamed to accept her.

But Why?? Is she not from our society and no one is there to stand by her, but think about the women and her daughter. Should we salute the law lord and police saying we are not aware of the threat letter the photocopy of the letter is with the women along the signature and stamp of the police officer. As she has no time left she is appearing on 9thjune Delhi high court. she require help listen2arjsbs212428@gmail.com

ramsay July 15, 2010

am with you too :)

Vedanth July 15, 2010

Brilliant! Thats all I’m going to say.

meghna July 15, 2010

thanks Vedanth.. you comments matter a lot to me

meghna July 15, 2010

thanks ramsay.. for lovely words of encouragement…

Vinay Kakkar July 15, 2010

I have just seen you posts through facebook and left a comment on the CRPF article.I must commend you for work and awareness at your age.

meghna July 15, 2010

thanks so much Vinay.. comments always act as an inspiration to write more.. thanks alot for all the appreciation.

CalvinboyCityofDreams July 16, 2010

This site is simply wonderful its doing alot to spread alot of info on about important events and actual stories. Infact im so inspired that im going to help you and forward your articles to people whenever i can :) .. credit goes to you ofcourse..
Thanks for all your efforts.. guess what?.. your not just making a difference but ur being it! Job well done :)

Vinay Kakkar July 16, 2010

I have recommended your posts to my colleagues
also.I also find itall the more thoughtful that you personally reply to each comment personally.In our country it is difficult for almost everyone to keep their arrogance,self-obsession and self importance
at bay moment they achieve anything,I must commend you for your humility and propriety which is the shows the high sense of values and
the person you are.May I request you to write something on the murder of his driver by Nanda,the industrialist some days back as the case seems to be going cold due to money power.

meghna July 16, 2010

thanks Calvin.. I can’t thank you enough for the help offered. Readers like you have made legal drift what it is today. I’m grateful to you from the bottom of my heart.

meghna July 16, 2010

Thanks Vinay.. It is nice of you to say these words and encourage legaldrift in every sense possible. I’ll surely research and write on the topic suggested as I’m sure all of us need to get insight of events like these.

Prabhakar Singh July 18, 2010

Dear Meghna, I was reading your posts from Xiamen, China today. It has been a while since I checked it. I am extremely happy about the “leap” in your blog’s progress. I think you have it in you to do what you want to do. I was at Brown University to attend a programme. I will recommend some of my colleagues to co-author, if you don’t mind. Your articles are extremely erudite and freshly argued. also, coming from NLIU, I as proud of you as your senior. NLIU needs some effort like this when the university is not doing enough in today’s competitive Indian market. You will do us proud, no doubt. Cheers, Prabhakar.
NB: I liked the earlier look of the blog better. :)

meghna July 18, 2010

thanks a million Sir.. You have always been a driving force behind Legal Drift. You been one of the best mentors anyone could ever get. NLIU is being made proud not only by its students but also by its alumni. I have always admired you and can never mind (rather I’m obliged) if you take any steps with regard to legal drift.

Thanks a lot Sir for the guidance and support, I will always need it ..

Yukti Gupta July 21, 2010

this website showcase exemplary work …….. it will surely leave an impressionable mark on everybody who read these articles. I am a constant reader of ur blog and i feel so gud that everyday i am learning something new. These articles are presented is an articulative way and display great efforts. CHEERS :)

meghna July 21, 2010

thank you Yukti.. I can’t explain how I feel reading this comment of yours.
Readers like you have a major contribution to the success of legal drift. Thanks again Yukti :)

Abhinandan July 25, 2010

Nice work…NLIU is going places. Best wishes.

meghna July 25, 2010

thnks a lot Abhinandan …

anupam September 1, 2010

really appreciate the effort, the posts are really good
wishes for the future
good luck

meghna September 1, 2010

Thanks Anupam… your appreciation means a lot to us…

Pawan Goyal October 2, 2010

Dear Meghna Ji,
While surfing the Net, I came across your article on the condition and plight of Bengali Widows in Vrindavan Ashrams.
I am not a Bengali myself . I am born and brought up in Agra ( U.P.) in a Agarwal family. I want to contribute my share for the well being of these destitute women being a part of our universal brotherhood. I wish to remain unknown to them.
Can you please let me know how can I send my aid through any trustworthy organisation of impeccable integrity. At this point of time I will not be able to directly involve myself.
I will also try to seek some info through some Press reporters known to me located in Vrindavan.
Best egards,
Pawan Goyal

meghna October 5, 2010


I m glad to meet a public spirited person like you. Presently I’m unaware of any such organisations but I’ll let you know about them asap. On a personal note I would like to suggest that rather donating in cash (which is often misappropriated), try donating in kind (saries, blankets etc). I think that has greater chances of reaching the benefitiaries.

I solute your compassion and concern for these women.


Prashant October 27, 2010

I always wanted to get in touch with the quality persons who apart from their family also thinks about the society concerns…..I am glad that i have met another….
Excellent work Meghna….great work….great going

Prashant October 27, 2010

I always want to get in touch with the quality persons who apart from their family also thinks about the society concerns…..I am glad that i have met another….
Excellent work Meghna….great work….great going

Ribhu November 6, 2010

gr8 blog!!!!! saw it for the first time today……..
great going Meghna \m/\m/

meghna November 20, 2010

Thanks Ribhu.. would try to live up to the expectations..

meghna November 20, 2010

Thank You so much Prashant.. I’m really touched..

Jai Prakash November 21, 2010

i want to publish my project report(20 pages) at lagaldrift.com.
my project reoport topic is “Reservation Policies in India”
can i publish?

Jai Prakash November 21, 2010

i want to submit my article

meghna November 21, 2010

Jai you may submit your article on meghna@legaldrift.com.. Thank You

Vikash Thakur November 21, 2010

Hi ,

I’m really impressed with the contents and enthusiasm of the authors. Keep up the good work Meghna and Wazhma.


meghna November 22, 2010

Thank You so much Vikash.. It is a pleasure hearing from you.

Sameer Sah December 6, 2010

Very thought provoking….good job….congrats on the win in the blogging competition

meghna April 8, 2011

Thanks a lot Sameer.. Sorry for the late reply..

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