Emotional Atyachar – Can a Reality show really affect your beliefs in Relationships ?

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Emotional Atyachar - Reality TV Show on UTV BindassThe Theme of the Show:

The television show “Emotional Atyachar” aired on UTV Bindass, examines the presence of fidelity in affine relationships. A person (referred to as lead) gives the information about a suspected cheater. The suspected cheater is the targeted by the crew of the show emotional atyachar. The sting operation is carried out for a period of three consecutive days. The suspect is usually introduced to a good looking undercover agent. The agent is only directed to be friendly with the suspect. After monitoring the conduct of the suspect, the footage of the hidden cameras is shown to the lead or his girl-friend/ boy friend.

Was Raja Chaudhari episode plotted?

A couple of days back I saw the Raja Chaudhari Episode being telecast UTV Bindas prime time show ” Emotional Atyachar”, although the show was quite entertaining I thought the whole thing was plotted. Raja’s girl friend (Shradha) had approached the channel for conducting a loyalty test on him. The two had been in a living relation for about 8 months.

Raja, a philanderer had become sexually comfortable with both the under-cover agents, that were investigating the lead on behalf of the team of Emotional Atyachar . Throughout the episode it was observed that the girl expected her partner to be a cheater. When she caught him red handed in a hotel room, he had no guilt or remorse whatsoever. He was quiet most of the time. Then he shamelessly went outside the hotel room.

Moreover the episode had two under-cover agents both of them were projected to be room-mates. Raja ignoring these facts openly flirted with both of them. As if he wanted both of them to know his open-mindedness.

May be my observation is flawed but I truly felt that the whole episode was plotted.

Was the Channel Involved?

In serials like “Raaz Pechle Janam Ka” or “Emotional Atyachar” the issues raised are very sensitive therefore it’s difficult to comment on the credibility of these shows. It is quite possible that the channel carries on its investigation in a bonafide manner. However it may be said that some people may manipulate this platform to gain publicity and public attention.

Is the serial affecting our society?

I had a talk with a number of people about the show. Most of them opined that Emotional Atyachar was very interesting and entertaining. Some people feel that the scenes telecast in the serial outrage the modesty of women. If proved may be tried under Section 354 of Indian Penal Code. Whereas others believe that the channel effectively conceals the vulgar scenes.

Another issue that is time and again raised is “the show cheating the suspects by alluring them”. If the above statement is taken into consideration the show and the channel would be prosecuted under Section 415 of Indian Penal Code. The punishment for cheating is prescribed in Section 417 of I.P.C. i.e. 1 year imprisonment/ fine/ both.

Another Controversy

Recently MNS had also objected on the show. Interestingly it was not on grounds of conduct of participants but on the use of word Bombay instead of Mumbai by one of the female participants spying on her boy friend. However the channel denied any threats from MNS. It has announced on the show that the city must be referred as Mumbai from now on.


The program is still on a nascent stage and to comment on the credibility of the same would be too early.  The channel has the defence of showcasing the truth and therefore may not be tried for defamation. Moreover the undercover agents are directed by the organizers of the show not to induce the perpetrator in any sense. Till now the show is providing entertainment to the audience, relief to the innocent participants, punishment to the infidels and profits to the sponsors.  In such circumstances even if the show is entirely plotted won’t it be a kin to other fiction serials showcased on television?

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Pukhraj Mittal March 21, 2010

The story you have narrated seems like a set up. I recall similar programs on Italian TV designed to develop relationships which may lead to matrimony. When some of the viewers questioned about the TV camera following the couple, it turned out that it was a set up.
Not long ago, a UK reality music program was reported to have modulated the voice on real time basis.

meghna March 21, 2010

Thanks for the comment it is really informative on the international front.

arun April 10, 2010

The show provides good entertainment and it actually doesnt matter even if it is staged.

Honey August 21, 2010

Definately. Emotional Atyachar – show can affect our beliefs in Relationships. I think its a good step of Bindass who are helping youngsters to know the reality of there lovers………

meghna August 21, 2010

Thanks Honey.. But I personally felt some of the episodes were plotted specially the one with Rahul Mahajan.

Chinky August 21, 2010

This type shows can affect our personal life but not 100% depend on you………What do you think and how much you trust on your partner.

meghna August 21, 2010

True Chinky.. Relationships depend upon personal choices more than they ever rely on shows.. I completely second your thoughts…

sreenivas November 22, 2010

Hi meghana and others,
I agree with u that the show is plotted and scripted. There are scores of wannabe models and actors wandering the corridors of studios and casting agencies and modelling agencies who are ready to do such a thing for want of a break…. ..
Take the case of raja chowdahry and his GF ( who claims to be model/actress) this was a way for coming in Tv and in news. if his cleating shown was true then why are they living together.. in fact 2 days before there was huge Front page news in Mumbai Mirrior on how he bashed her up and still she refused to file polioce complaint!!!

meghna November 22, 2010

True.. I read that news piece too. Both were romanically involved even after their alledged break up on the big screen. The story just strengthens the argument that the show may be plotted.

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